Gas Production Technologist (Onsite)

The candidate must be a hands on person (as we don’t hire any service companies and we do all jobs in-house) who has risen from the junior ranks and has experience of many gas + gas and water reservoirs and knows different strategy which can be applied depending upon situation. We want to see a clear predominance of gas production related experience. We would like you to reply how would you deal with the four possible scenarios we are deal with (details given in attachment)


a. Gas comes with water but the gas is not sufficient to unload the water

b. Gas and water come to the surface  in huge quantity and sometimes the water is over 1500 barrels per day

c. Gas only wells over time convert to gas and water and the well dies down un-expectedly and suddenly 

d. Some zones which look very promising on logs but produce zero gas and we don’t know if it is near wellbore wettability or some other issue


Interested candidate may apply with following documents

1. Latest CV

2.  Skype ID for interaction

3.  Prefer Day Rate or monthly compensation

4. Current Availability

5. Software Used or require to perform requisite job

  • Department: Upstream Exploration
  • Experience: 8 - 10
  • Location: Jaisalmer, Overseas-Consultants
  • Vacancy: 2
  • Email:
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