Application for Human Resources Recruiter (H.R)

We will be recruiting some 500 blue and white collar people this year. How will you recruit blue collar workers like plumbers, welders, cooks, melee, drivers, hydra operators, janitors, kitchen helpers etc….please give a detailed reply. If you can't recruit these then don't apply

We recruit specializes while collar professionals like geologist, mud engineers, drillers, geophysicist, seismic processing, barge engineers etc. We don't expect you to be an expert in these fields but how would you conduct first level TECHNICAL interviews of these candidates. We don't want you to ask them where have they graduated from and what is their work experience as this we can get from the CV. So how would you conduct first level TECHNICAL interviews of these potential candidates.

Once senior people take offer letters and don't join what remedy do you have against that?

How will you improve this Focus Energy online question answer session? Please give detailed suggestions.

Which companies recruitment system do you find is better than Focus Energy ? Please give a ref link so that we can review it

What percentage of CV are fake in the sense that they don't mention the place where they have worked for less than 3 months or were terminated.

What procedure would you adopt for reference checking? What questions will you ask?