Application for Mud Chemist

How can you increase the viscosity of water. What will you add to it?

What is the salinity of sea water in PPM?

Is it always necessary to get the PH to neutral to add polymers?

What is Guar gum and where do you think it is used ?

Water density in 1.0 what will you add to increase its density say to 1.5.

What is PHPA? Please google with reference to the Oil industry and write a 160 characters description.

Silver Nitrate is used for testing of which chemicals.

If a water solution has some solids (which are not dissolved) what, simple experiment would you conduct to tell in the % of solids in the water by weight.

If you have fine sand particles in water what is the best mechanical way to get rid of the sand.

If you had to introduce lubrication to your polymers compound what would you add?