Application for Admin

Please tell us if you are no 1 or no 2 in your department. If you are not no 1 then who is no 1 ?

What is the total staff strength at your current location where you are admin in charge?

Please write down all the activities which you currently manage at your current location.

In your current location please tell us of the following which activity do you do in house and what do you outsource. Housekeeping, Security , Canteen , AC repair , D.G repair, Carpentry, Nursery , Plumbing , Drivers and Laundry.

Of all the activities listed above which one do you inspect everyday and which you inspect once a week or as the need arises ?

Do you believe in taking any person and training and motivating them or do you believe in getting rid of bad apples once they have been identified ?

Are you a friendly person OR are you strict ?

Why are you taking this job away from home where you will not see the family for 5 months ?

Yes No